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Down from southern vt to fish for browns out of Mexico point. 3 day trip we managed to fish all 3 days got a little rough in the 16 fter but we held in there. Limits all 3 days couldn’t be happier. It’s our annual trip, the fish got bigger each of the 3 days. Most on long lines 35-45 back then snap weight 1 oz mainly 130,120 back then inline boards both sides,then 2 down the prop wash with a 9/16 weight about 7 ft from lure. 5 mono lines and one lead core. Lead core down the port side prop wash 70 ft back. Didn’t count colors on the Leadcore. All spoon bite for us. Chicken wing,Sodus point buckeye,black crushed alwife,Nbk,black widow, mixed veggie were all good for the 3 days. More natural patterns today seemed to fire. About 35 fish in 3 days. A lot of Browns. 2 smallies. 1 Atlantic and 1 steelhead. A lot of small lamprey 6-10 inch range. Some Fish had 2 on them. It was nice to kill the lampreys and send the fish back. We must have killed 12-15 lamprey. Thanks to the info from everyone on this site is why I think we had such success. It’s a long ways and not exactly cheap. You all know how it is. So we are stoked. Here’s the bigger ones of the trip. Thanks for everyone who shares their knowledge. 






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