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2023 Turkey Season

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Had 3 jakes and 4 hens in close first thing this morning then 8:00 this guy came in  9” beard. Only 3/4 inch spurs , can’t wait until this little guy can hunt , good luck everyone 



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Tagged out this morning at 6:10 , had 2 hens within 10 yards and a deer blocking the shot on this guy  had to wait until the deer moved , 45 yard shot  can’t beat winchester long beard #6shot , good luck 


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Awfully quiet here? Is nobody turkey hunting?


I tagged my second bird on Sunday in the finger lakes. This one was silent with a hen and I happened to walk up on them and see them before they saw me. I was able to crawl to a tree and she brought him right by me at 20 yards about 30 minutes later.





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Well…….I’ve put a ton of time in this year, and it all finally came together this morning. Got a picture of a Tom last night on my spypoint around 7:45pm. Figured he would be roosted somewhere close to that area. Got in early 4am, so I could sneak in close. Sat for an hour and 20 minutes before I finally heard the bird gobble. He was right in front of me about 70 yards. He proceeded to gobble about 50 times on the limb. I couldn’t see him, and he couldn’t see me as we had a huge tree in between us. Thought for sure he was going to pitch right down in-front of me, and it was going to be game over. Well as turkey hunting usually goes, the turkey did the complete opposite and pitched down into the back field. I decided to make a move and try and swing around behind him and call him into the woods. Did that exact thing. He came in spitting, drumming, and gobbling his head off. Came out onto the trail at 40 yards, and that’s all she wrote. Nothing better!!!

10” beard

1 3/8” spurs








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Unbelievable today. Took an early lunch break today and got into the woods at 10:45 at a spot I have close by to work. Sit down, let out a few yelps and a bird hammers. 11:15 bird was down. Blessed to have tagged out for the first time. Two awesome hunts to boot!

10 1/4” beard

1” spurs



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