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Anyone seeing anything interesting with bait fish

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I know it doesn’t always line up with your trawl findings but all species seem to be having no problem finding and eating giant, old alewives(wasted fish flesh?) . We have for weeks had some fouling of our lines by impaling alewives. Guys are encountering these extra large alewives at spawning sites as well

Of course we are seeing other age classes of alewives but it seems like an uptick in the extremely large population.

Stay well and get some rod time in for yourself. Lady  O is heavy with 2 yr olds this year but the fight in the fish is extraordinary now that they are in full blown Summer pattern.

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On 6/28/2023 at 9:32 PM, schreckstoff said:

Wondering what folks are seeing in the stomachs or on their graphs. Anything unusual, or different for this time of year?

This is what we’ve been seeing lately specifically off of Sandy. Hope all is well hope to run into you at Oswego soon!


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