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Legacy -The 2023 Deer Season-


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18 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

Will you kill some hogs there?


Hoping to shoot one! I'm basically tagged out. So my options now are hogs and/or a trophy buck. So if I see a another buck worthy of shooting at I can purchase a second buck tag after the fact. As for pigs...They're here but there isn't a million of them. One of the guys here at camp shot one yesterday afternoon on the same ranch I was on. 250#+ sow 





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1 minute ago, dvdegeorge said:

Rob did you see any Axis?


There is one ranch that seems to have them however they haven't been seeing them much. There really isn't many of them and if you want one it's an additional 2500 for a tag 

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They have said to shoot as many Raccoons, fox, coyotes, skunks, hogs, and even armadillo as I choose. 


Axis deer are 2500 each

Javelina are 300 each


With your license you get a buck tag and 2 doe tags. They greatly encourage you to fill your doe tags. But make absolutely sure they are not button bucks.

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