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Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke mechanic

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 I have a 1997 Yamaha 4 stroke kicker motor. It started giving me problems starting and staying running the last couple of trips this year. Does anyone know of a mechanic that works on these in the Rochester area? It's put away for the winter but I'm hoping to get it done early in the spring. I tried Pugsleys Marine but never heard back. Any help would be appreciated

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13 hours ago, LongLine said:

Get ahold of Hank (L&M, moderator on this board) Port Bay.  Highly recommended for anything boat related.  


13 hours ago, finsntins said:

x2 for contacting hank at L&M marine,if its broke,he will fix it and it will be fixed right!!!



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That and check the plugs to see if one is fouled. My 1996 9.9 was doing that if I cleaned it would run again. Internet searching said that was possible if the fuel pump diaphragm had a tear. Rebuilt the fuel pump and problem went away. I do note that its very cold blooded when the temp drops I have to warm it up for several minutes or it will stall once armed up it runs fine. Good luck with it

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