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Started in 116 feet heading east. Hoped to get my youngest at least a laker...check. anyway, slid out to 160 and the  carbon 14 on 300 copper got two steelhead, raspberry carbon down 70 got a 8 pound king, 10 color with a purple who knows what it was named got a 12 pounder. 


Got a massive dispey hit only to watch a pretty decent king come 4 feet out of the water....with my meat rig in its face. If anyone can tell me the name id appreciate it, it's been doing really well for me so far.





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3 hours ago, dhhurlburt said:

That's all thats left. The line broke between the 2nd and 3rd teaser.

Was it an Atommik?  Green head with crushed UV on it?  If so, it was a UV Grinch (one of my favorites!)

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Posted (edited)
On 6/2/2024 at 9:40 AM, minion said:

If you wrap your rigs around your paddles when u store them it will cause you to loose future fish as well ;)

I saw that as well.   Wrap around a piece of noodle with a slot cut in in the top of it.

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2 hours ago, pdsalmon said:

What is the best way to store paddles with rigs attached? Or should you remove them?



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It’s never fun loosing a king! 
but if your interested I can make that exact rig … it actually looks like it may have been one I made 

picked up in Webster ny 

15.00 ea 

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What's the difference between wrapping around  a flasher or using a noodle?  The sharp bend in your line while stored?  

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