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76 days til the opener of bow


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i know this isnt about fishin . but seein that i am a very serous bow hunter i cant wait til that mornin . with the food plots in and deer hammerin are clover and lots of pics on trail cam . well i got buck fever already ..

good luck to all .

see you on the water next spring , billy v , thanks for info did some lookin around and found some islanders

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I'm just itchin to stick something. Havn't shot much since the carp quit rolling in june. Just installed new string got her back on mark very happy with winners choice. Shot my first robin hood(probably a fluke) within 20 arrows. :o Groups are real tight though shooting out to 40yds. :clap:

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Actually, I won it! Got to shoot all the top bows at "Legends of Fall Archery" in Tully, and I just really liked the Drenalin! They had to order me one cuz my draw length is 31". It's all set up, now I have to learn to shoot it- my last bow was an entry level Alpine that needed 4 pins to get me to 40 yds (but it killed a lot of deer).

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