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Only 2 Flasher/Fly Combos

Viking Ship

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Many others come to mind but I narrowed it down to these consistent producers over the last couple years

White with green dot Spin Doctor with either a Atommik mirage or Atommik ultra green glow

8" green Pro-chip(Pro-Troll with e-chip) with a Atommik green krinkle

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That's funny - mine are also very similar:

White with green dot Spinny/A-Tom-Mik Hammer fly

Dark green Spinny with dark green tape/Sigg's green crinkle or Howie Glitter Jade fly

- Chris

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im amazed i been running the white and green dot spin dr for 3 yrs now with a white and green fly. catching lots of fish on it

my other favor go to combo is the green dolphin spin dr and the proctologist fly from big weenie

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