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Boat Drama


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So I've had a ton of trailer issues with limited, to say the least, interest from the dealer I bought the boat from (New). I finally got them to accept the fact that the axle is bent after almost a year. Of course they call me this week after I took the boat to my dad's a week ago to store it and tell me I need to bring it in now. But then it gets interesting...

If you check the documentation with the boat as well as the Trophy website you find something bizarre.

1802 (2006) Approx. Weight (w/Base Engine) 1,975 lbs (896 kg)

Now the base engine was a 90 HP Merc. That motor is about 350 lbs. That puts an 18' fiberglass walk around at about 1600 lbs. Interesting...so I looked at the 2007, 2008 and 2009 numbers on the boat:

Approx. Weight (w/Base Engine) 2,607 lbs (1,183 kg)

How did an 18 foot boat gain 630 lbs??? Base engine changed to a 115, but other than that I am assured by two dealers that the boat did not change. So I looked at the 19 foot Trophy for giggles:

2006: Approx. Weight (w/Base Engine) 2,950 lbs (1,338 kg)

2007: Approx. Weight (w/Base Engine) 2,950 lbs (1,338 kg)

hmm...something fishy here...

So I look at a relatively comparable boats:

Striper 1851: Weight without power - 2,750 lbs

Trophy 1903 (CC): Approx. Weight (w/Base Engine) 2,347 lbs

Trophy 1901 (A BAY BOAT!!!): Approx. Weight (w/Base Engine) 2,275 lbs (1,032 kg)

So at this point I am sure the documentation is wrong...so I call the old man and have him verify something for me, trailer is a capacity 2800. So with my boat, which I'm now figuring at 2607 + the engine upgrade + 52 gallons of gas I figure I've got 3050 on it before a piece of gear. Add some gear and I'm about 400 over capacity. Even better if me and one of my guys are on it putting stuff away in the lot or getting it ready to launch. At that point I don't even want to comment...but any wonder why the axle is bent?

The initial answer from the dealer you ask? "The book says 1975, so you're fine...bring it in for the axle or we're sending it back"

These are the times I'm glad I happen to be affiliated with one of the largest law firms in New York. I'm going to get the boat Thursday night, dropping another $80 in gas round trip (Plus the $220 I dropped on a pair of new tires to get it out there as it tore off the first set in 1200 miles) and running it over there Saturday to raise holy hell. Stop by if you're bored and happen to be at a certain dealer on Grand Island that sells Trophy :devil:

Next time I buy a quality boat...though I'm not sure there are any dealers not operating like a used car lot....

/End Venting :beer:

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Must of got a bad salesman, I bought my boat from them and they did fine by me.

When I bought the boat I noticed the tires and a few other things on the trailer were

not to my liking, (long story short) told them what I wanted fixed and they went above and beyond. (new tires, wheels, lights, brakes and a new surge brake coupler) Maybe that's why the salesman that I dealt with doesn't work there anymore.


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Don't feel bad Yoda. I think it's mandated that all boat dealers are shysters. I live in PA and there isn't a dealer within an hour drive that I would trust getting close to me or my equipment. If I'm not mistaken, I think the dealers are responsible for putting the boat on a trailer. If you've looked at the price of trailers it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they put the absolute smallest trailer under it as possible. They save a few hundred dollars and you get headaches. I'm going through a similar problem now with our boat. When loaded the springs on the trailer bottom out. It's bad enough that if we hit a good enough bump the tires will rub on the fenders.

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wow that is weard two frends of mine have had the same situation the dealers are selling packages with amaller trailors, my friend took his boat motor and trailor with gas and all equipment to get it weighed at an offical scale and it wsa over by more than 1000 lbs than the trailor would hold as a result in 3 years he has put on a new set of tires every year

whats wrong with this picture ?????

ps he spent over $38,000 on his 18ft lund with yamaha 150 and yamaha 10hp kicker

thanks for listining

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I know that it isn't much use after the fact, but for those that haven't signed the check yet...make certain that the trailer will handle the boat! A too small trailer could lead to a dangerous situation, in addition to just being a pain. It's really buyer beware; common sense says that the dealer will try to cut costs by putting the smallest trailer that they feel adequate under your rig. You may not agree with their assessment. Do your homework...the trailer is just as important as the boat! Hopefully there's a few guys on here who will benefit from this thread.


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So where are we today?

They have moved the bunks as the boat was way too far back. They are replacing the axle and the wheels/tires to upgrade the trailer to a 3400. They are also going to put the axle where it damn well belongs to keep tongue weight where it belongs. I expect to get it back by the end of the week...

That said...I knew they floated the boat to move the bunks and I was curious, so I stopped up there this AM. I found about what I expected. A boat sitting nose down with the plug in it, no battery which I have taken out as part of winterizing two weeks ago, and about 5 inches of standing water in the cabin :@

I mentioned to the service manager before grabbing a wrench and cranking up the nose. Of course he could care less. I'll have to dry it out before re-storing.

I actually like the boat and was eye balling the 2502 as a possible next boat...but not without a different dealer and an EZ-Loader/Load Rite under it.

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I would very much like to know the name of this dealership,because I am looking into buying another boat and this is one guy that I want to remove from my dealers list.

I hope that you informed the boat company of the disgusting treatment at the hands of this dealer.His name should be on the front page of this website as a warning to potential boat buyers!!

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Yoda - I agree with Rolmops. A dealer should know better than to store a boat nose down, especially around here this time of year. :@ Much less giving you a too small trailer.

What was their explanation for moving the bunks & axle? & not the winch stand? i.e. get them top admit the trailer is too small. I'd definitely be talking to the boat manufacturer about this dealership & let them know they'll be getting some demerits or even a black-eye because of this dealer.

Tom B.


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