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Season Closing LOU Muskie Outing

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Well its been a pretty good year of muskie hunting here on the LOU muskie forum :clap: No, I didnt put together some LOU slideshow or anything- thats Chad's job! 8) But now that the season comes to a close, ;( lets send it out with a bang (and hopefully a visit from a couple a muskies) by heading out to Waneta for the 'Unofficial, Season Closing, Catch a Muskie, LOU Outing' :lol:

Weather on Erie this time of year can be tough if not prepared so instead it will be Sunday the 29th on Waneta Lake. 9-4

If we can convince Sol to bring his port-o-grill ;) I'll bring some dawgs but we'll still need a few beers and sand...yes: sand.

Once last chance to comiserate (or celebrate) in person before the winter lull. let us know whos coming....

C-ya there-



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Thanks for posting NM, glad we finnaly got this one moving. I dont know if Sol can make it so I will bring my grill and Burgers. I look forward to meeting some we have not met yet. :yes: I too am very sorry to see the season come to a close. I hope we make the best of this outing. :clap: See you there and good luck to all who come. :yes:

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I am not sure, but I believe that the Waneta lake water level has been lowered which should effect the depth of the channel from the launch. I work with a guy who lives on Waneta lake and he said the lake has been lowered already. I am not sure if the channel from the launch is passable after the lake is lowered. It's fairly low when the lake is at normal depths. Have you guys been out on Waneta after the lake level has been lowered? If the weather permits troutmaster45 and myself may join you guys.



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Guys -

Sounds like fun :clap: Not sure what my availability will be but was wondering if anyone would have any interest in having the outing at Chautauqua? My boat is already out that way now at my buddies house so that is the only reason I raise the question.

On a side note, I had a chance to fish Chautauqua today with Capt. Mike Sperry (http://www.ChautauquaReelOutdoors.com/) and we ended up 1 for 2. The one fish we did get was small. The day was nice despite the wind which made some of our spots tough to get at.

We tried a mix of trolling and casting. Both fish came casting. We marked lots of bait around Long Point but no marks. I am not sure of the name of the bay that we got the fish out of but it came somewhere across from Pendergrast in front of a VERY large white house. Hope that helps.... :P

Water levels were low. Pictures to follow.

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good thought about Chaut...I was contemplating whether to suggest that initially but thatlong a drive round trip makes for a very long day and better suited to an overnight IMHO which could eliminate a few potential folks from partaking.

not that I knew it when I initially suggested this but I will be in syr Saturday overnite beforehand, so chaut isn't an option for me- as much as I prefer it.

Im certain I or someone else wll have room for ya...

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Sounds good guys! I will have to see if I can make this one but it doesn't look good for me right now. Either way, it has been a great year especially for the LOU Muskie guys and I am already getting excited for next year :clap::yes:

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I would like to say the LOU guy's are the greatest.I very much enjoyed meeting some of you and interacting with you on this board,my board and in person.May you guy's have a great last day on Waneta and catch some big girl's as well!

I want to try to spend at least one day on the water with each of you next year!

Capt. Larry D. Jones

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Thank you larry,it has been a pleasure to have been around you and participate in your tournaments.I have learned a great deal over the last year and look forward to putting all that to use next season.After a long winter i`m sure you`ll be anxious to hit the water after you have rested and built back up your strength.

I hope that you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.If able,I`ll see you at the nma party!!

Bob Solley

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Well i busted at waneta today,but i did witness a nice one caught thru my binos...congrats to the red lund using riggers...NICE FISH :clap:

Thanks gus for the burger,nitro...we`ll get ya on the ice!

I winterized motor at the launch-`til next year


Bob S-sol

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Hey guys -

I am sorry I wasn't able to make it down to the outing as my boat was in Buffalo this weekend. I went down there to pick it up and my buddy (Joe) talked me into taking a quick trip down to Chautauqua for one last try this season. It turned out to be a good move!

We ended up doing a mix of trolling of casting but couldn't get anything going trolling. We switched to casting and tucked back into a shallow bay that is normally choked out with weeds and got the fish going pretty good back there casting. Only 3-5 feet of water and some dying off weeds only 2 feet up it didn't take us long to hook up. My buddy ended up loosing that fish and I had a follow shortly there after (mid-30's fish). A couple casts later I hooked up and we boated a smaller one (low 30's) taken on a black LEO. We then had 2 more follows (both mid-30's) but couldn't get any hooks in them.

We moved out to edge where it drops quickly from 5ft to 20ft and was able to finally raise a big girl (mid-to-upper 40's). The coolest thing was that after following the bait and not taking it, she decided to hang around the boat for another 5 minutes or so. We threw a few more different baits at her but she would have nothing to do with it and then made her escape back to the deep. It was really cool to see a fish of that size in the crystal clear 44 degree water just cruzin' along. We raised another mid-30's fish after that but again couldn't get the fish to take.

Total scorecard:

1 fish caught

1 fish lost

5 fish raised/followed

I am not sure what I could have done differently to get some more of those follows to strike. I keep thinking I must have been doing something wrong.... maybe working the bait to fast for that 44 degree water or not doing my figure 8's at the boat right or maybe it was just my un-lucky day. Whatever it was, it was a great day to be on the water and a cool experience to say the least! :yes::beer:

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Well there goes another season here in NY ;(. Was a good day to be out though, and gus' tasty burgers washed down with a cold Blue :beer: was a great capper. Thanks for those Gus and Wendy :yes:

we didn't troll a lick (probably a first -and only- for me this season)...casting the shallows and structure and jigging the breaks 'n bottom. my partner josh hooked up with 1 jigging one of my custom 'vince bianchi specials' on the breakline but it quickly got loose. it was a very subdued hit and fight. quite the negative mood on those fish...

Chad- Glad to hear you had a good closer. that'll give keep ya excited for June. dont beat yourself up over those follows. any action is good action... thats just how it goes.

sol- Ice it is!!! :yes::yes::clap:

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