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Back when I was using bait , I had plenty of bait shops to choose from in Auburn.

Now all thats left is bait machines , isnt progress wonderful ? :(

DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE , know of a place that may still exist that I could purchase

minnows from?

From what I heard BEARWOOD in Skan. is closed till December.

Thanks in advance

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AC Marine on York st in auburn sells fatheads, bass shiners and pike shiners. Just opened a couple months ago. Nobody knows about them yet. He will be carrying more kinds of minnows when ice rolls in.

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I thought I saw a sign down there , I work right around the corner , I'll check it out tomorrow.THANKS :)

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It is easy to keep bait for months in the winter. What we need is someone with common sense making up the rules. Maybe the new Governor will appoint someone to take charge of this stupid bait rules situation. Like the bait know where in the lakes, the border lines on a piece of paper are? Ontario, Pennsylvania and Ohio let you use bait from the Great Lakes, only New York forces you to spend $14 plus sales tax to go fishing.

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