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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:PEGASUS




Date(s):WED ,THURS..11TH,12TH

Time on Water:1.5 DAYS

Weather/Temp:11TH-COLD,12TH WARM

Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 55.6----58.1



Well my son and I did our annual river trip this makes 13 try for me .

My first trip produced 1 fish for 2 days,2 nd year 2 fish for 2 days then i figured them out.

Wed was chilly water and air light wind and little views of the sun kept it doable but not the fun of a warm sunny calm day. (im getting old)

We did manage 6 fish wed first one was 36 in so we thought the tales of showin up early (in the month) were just that. but the slow bite had us sorta regreting not waiting another week.

Thursday was picture perfect from the sunrise till we left at 3pm.

Went to first spot from wed and pic was really bad ,wed was primarly a female bite so i knew them fish either slid in or kept moving north.

We went back to Bannerman Iland area where my son found a wad wed afternoon but the bite was slow (wed).

When we hit the spot the fishfinder showed solid fish for over a 1 mile streach at the 20ft down over 50fow had to be a school of over 1 million fish (something i learnd from survays of past years).

The water was a degree or two cold,very stained,and lots of debries....but the shear numbers ment fish no matter what.with several trippels many doubles and a whle lot of singles it was busy,busy till 1030 am (end of outgoing tide) then we picked away till 2 or so as we packed for the trip home. ended up with 4 fish to bring home (1 per day limit) over 33 in . We did pull up one of the creeks to spend the night in the boat where we enjoyed hotdogs,jiffypop corn, and some good quality time ..

I digres,Thur. we had over 25 fish by 10am , with a total of over 35 when we stopped with many,many light bites missed both days..

Put the Hudson River striped bass spawning run on yer bucket list ,but ya better contact me first if you expect results like this in tuff fishing conditions (good days should exceed 60 fish)....




Total Hits:

Total Boated:

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth:





average size fish by my son.


sometimes if ya drift close to shore even in 60 deg weather you might get distracted (they musta been from alaska it was cold)


along with good fishing the view on the hudson is beautiful, see the road cut alond the side of that cliff.


maybe this will help.


ya might not wanna fall asleep in the shippin channel !


her'es the new trailer i had to buy for the trip home I pulled out the wrong boat at the launch.....opps


well maybe that wasnt my boat,but a end pic of a great trip.


We did get many (over 200) of the garbage fish most were over 15lbs state gave us 1cent each to kill all these invasive spicies we could.

We learned the DEC did some investagation and found this invasive spicies came from the sewer systems of NY City. After putting 2 in the cooler at the same time We heard them talking, One said to the other "I told you to lay still like a log NEVER fight the hook and pretend yer dead for the whole retrival" and the other said " I did ,I did just like you said it was almost like them stories from upstate NY where some guy from Deruter NY actually fishes for us"

If you hear of anyone who actually fishes for this invasive spicies , please help them relise their wasting their time and good fuel for nothing ,when they could be catching real fish like Striped Bass and Salmon..

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Awesome Post! There was couple of nice fish! :yes:

You got me worked up already! :rofl:

I am definitely start fishing for them at July. But I might itched to go shore fishing for them. Maybe, it will be my turn to post report on here. so you can get jealous of my fish! But for now, Ray K-1 / me-0 :lol::P

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Hey Ray saw you out there... tried to raise you on the radio without luck. We've been out the past few weekends and will be out next weekend. We haven't had nearly the luck you had... two fish in four trips. We mostly drift bloodworms, were you trolling?


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:) dude if ya saw me ya should of come over for 25.00 each id sold ya some secret bait ........................

607 769 7947 tide is IMPORTANT too.

If we fished the 715 pm high tide we would of easly got 30 more fish thursday...had the radio on 68 for a bit but them gabbers were worse than the fishfinder beeps so i turned em both off......might be a good or doable window ofweather sun,mon.. if so i might run back out if the reports are good.........they gotta be.

You wernt one of the 3 guys in that 16ftr we trippled ,doubled and about 10 singles in 1/2 hr right next to them :lol: i could hear them saying what the h#ll are they using..one guy even pulled out the binocs 8)

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Ray...great job on those stripers..... i saw your invite to W.W. IV last tuesday,to join you on the hudson river trip...i tried to convince him to go with you,'cause the river reports were real good, and i had just left the beach, from an epic blitz of giant (20 to 40 lb. ) stripers in the surf just south of the hudson in north jersey....they were loaded with eggs and milt, and headed for the Hudson !!!! It was unreal....monster fish, chasing baitfish (menhaden) , thrashing ,swirling,and crushing suface plugs, right at our feet!!!! They are a lot of fun to catch....and delicious too!!! Glad you had a great trip with your son....and hope your good luck continues all year!!!! choo-choo steve

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just called my "hotline" the day we did 35plus his buddy did 50 plus BUT HE fished both tides ,the fish are now hanging (stayin in newburgh) with 20 a day despite river temp drop of 1 deg,hate to play in the weekend crowd (makes fall derby fishing outa salmon river seem like wide open water) but the weather is shapin up for the weekend.......need bait order in by thurs morning................

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Boy even if we can get out this weekend the river will be mud with debris everywhere.

Not sure what we're doing wrong Ray, we were there for outgoing tide fishing that 30fow range with bloods down 10-20'.... had a couple of misses (the wife sleeping) and landed one. Saturday last week was extremely busy and people at the ramp next to Gullys are not always all that nice.

The wife managed to put a small hole in the "new" boat this weekend, let go of it while waiting for me to back up the trailer... one of those rogue waves from the trains going by hit the boat into the corner of the L-dock... watch that corner the padding is gone and it's just sharp metal!

Not sure where you get your bloods from, Fisherman's World in Wappingers has them for 9.50/doz, but Vinny's Bait on Rt.9 next to wappingers lake has them for $6.99/doz. Vinny only has bloods though, no herring. Herring were $2.50 each at Fisherman's.


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Ray, Looking foward to this trip, been talking about doing this for years. Appreciate the offer, can't wait to pick your brain. You will have a good crew on board, buckboard and I have been fishing together for 20 or so years and work well together. Should be a great trip.

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Though we are going to be new to striper fishing it appears you must register even though you don't have to purchase a marine lic. Roadhog and I enrolled in the Free Recreational Marine Fishing Registry Per this Link:


The way we read it, if your targeting migrant fish above the Tappen Zee Bridge you must register. They provide you with a temp copy you can print when you do it on line. Check it out unless you are allready aware of it. Also it states you don't even need a NYS fishing Lic to fish for Migrants all you need to do is register and you"re golden!

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The registry is a sore point with many of us striper fisherman.... if you don't use the computer much, you would never even know about it. At the start of the season we were told that the registry wouldn't be up until June, so many of who don't fish into June forgot about it.... then all of a sudden it's up in May and you're expected to register. I just tried to register and work blocks the website... what a pain.

Btw, please release all legal migrants, the others you may fillet... oh wait you meant stripers? :o


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