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my tournament weekend.


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work friday night.....3 hr sleep sat morning.....work a double....3hrs sleep again sunday morning....work another double.....text couple of buddies see how they did...shut phone off got 7 hrs sleep showed up to to work with one min to spare....work another double sweated my ass off.... :lol::lol::lol: all the big fish safe for a week....

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I'm sure there is nothing wrong with fishing a lot but there is certainly nothing wrong with putting your family's needs first either. Speaking for myself, I'm putting in 100 to 120 hours a week right now but when I get done with 1st cutting & get caught up with other stuff and get back on the water with the kids I know I will truly enjoy it. Family, work, and some recreational time = a balancing act (screw it up brothers and the road back from that place looks like a long one).

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