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how to store wire dipsys

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The mono lead works - but when the fleas come out they will stick to the joint (using a micro swivel) between the wire and mono and then you will have +20 feet of line out to net a fish (good luck).

I use 7 strand wire which is pretty flexible and forgiving. I can break my rods down without causing kinks. I just don't tigthen the lines up all the way - kind of keep them loose over the guides. I then put the rod into a nylon rod storage sleeve which keeps the line from tangling on something. It is the easiest for me.

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Another option is to use a Slide Diver instead of the standard dipsey. Run the slide diver on 30lb mono so no problem with fleas. When you're done rod breaks down on the mono. You have to run a short leader so the SD doesn't slide all the way to the fish. I loop my line around reel so diver rests against reel when I'm running or storing rod. Takes a little bit to get used to using them-they do work nice.

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