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Lake Levels

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I had an interesting conversation today with Howard Goebel, who is the Canal Hydrologist in charge of lake levels here on Cayuga Lake. He said that the lake is "right at the targeted level" for this time of year, and he is not at all worried about their ability to bring it up according to their target rule curves. He forwarded some information that I found interesting and thought that all of you might like to see. The first is a link to current water levels for Cayuga, Seneca, & Oneida Lakes. Select the lake of your choice to open a graphic that illustrates the daily water levels this year with the target rule curves for each lake. The water levels from last year are also provided on this graphic for comparison purposes. These graphics are normally updated weekly on Thursday mornings, but he updated them this morning so the most recent information is available.

http://www.canals.ny.gov/waterlevels/os ... evels.html

Also, the Syracuse Post Standard published an article this past Friday regarding Cayuga and Owasco Lake levels, entitled "Exposed Owasco and Cayuga lake shorelines can be deceiving", that can be found at the following URL:

http://blog.syracuse.com/outdoors/2012/ ... umn_5.html

Howard was very interested in making sure the the right information got out there and was happy to hear that it was going to be posted here.

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Thanks Billy. I had my finger on the keyboard several time but was hesitant to start a post about being able to launch boats by the end of March. If all goes according to the graph Cayuga should be up another 2 1/2 feet by April 1st.

I'll feel better when I start seeing fish reports and launch conditions on Cayuga again. :worried:

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