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Green Dolphin - Sodus July 4th with couple of pics

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Got out at the crack of dawn on the 4th and wasn't totally happy with the "1 footers" that were predicted.




Set lines starting at 120 FOW and was extremly happy with the screens I was seeing. Major piles of bait with hooks all over the place. I should have taken a picture. Reminded me of the screens I see on Cayuga Lake! About 85-90 feet down the water was set right up. Extreme warm water to nice cold water. 80 foot down it was about 65 degrees and at 85 or 90 down it was in the high 40's in some areas. You could basically fish 80 - 100 feet down and you were on em.

Anyway...after setting lines we trolled in a Northwest direction so we could hit the waves fairly straight on. About 20 minutes into it the 550 foot (formerly 600 feet) copper fires pulling a SD and Atomik Pro Am Live fly. Being the veterans and gentlemen that we are :lol: we handed the rod off to my girlfriend who we now affectionatley call "Coppergirl" :yes: About 20 minutes goes by and she lands a nice 23 Lb King. Her biggest to date. Not long after that the copper fires and we land a small Laker who got thrown back... Once again we gentlemen gave the rod to "Coppergirl" and she handled it like a pro :lol: After that we landed a skippy King. As we kept trolling we had our 300 diver fire and after a nice battle put a 22 lb King on the boat. I think it was caught on a Green Dot / White SD with Atomik Mirage fly.

Here I am with the first two keepers


We then ended our NW troll and turned around to troll back through the same line. On the troll back we couldn't get a rod to move and the fish/bait were gone.

We decided to head deeper and shot straight North. Didn't really mark anything but at about 225 FOW all of the sudden our 300 wire gets ripping and I handed it to Copper girl. She does battle with this nice 12 lb or so Coho. As soon as we get it on the deck our other wire diver out 270 fires and I say to my girlfriend (aka Copper girl) "You want it?" She says yes! I hand it to her and after a 15 - 20 minute battle she lands this 17 lb King. After that, our cooler was full and we decided to call it a day at about 10:30 am.

Here is a pic of Copper Girl with the two majors, a teenager and a Ho 8)


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Wayne nice report...... Another awesome thing to see is the evening bite... The Screen lights up with Bait and Fish and you got Streakers all over the Screen..... You can point at rods and say get ready that ones gonna go and sure enough... ITS INSANE!!!!!!.... I Love our Fishery... Woody

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NICE JOB!!! The screens lately are amazing! 4 or 5 on the screen and at least one rod goes! We are blessed this year!! That last pic is all kings.

This year is really awesome. I've caught more Kings this year so far than all of last year.

I thought that smallest one was a Coho because it was shedding scales like crazy...like the cohos do. But, as I said...once it was landed it was thrown in the box immediately to get the second half of the double. Never did look at that fish closely.

Can't wait to get out again. Hope it stays this good and we keep getting fishable weather.

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Nice job Wayne, We saw you out there but we stayed on that deeper line mostly. There were times when we ended up inside due to being heavy in battle. Although we didn't have coppergirl on board we did have a guest that was quick to grab the copper the first three times :lol: But seemed to hesitate slightly after that when she would start scremin. Kind of one of those look around quick and hmm no one else wants that :rofl: . We have a nice video of a 59 minute battle for a 20 + king. Our bite was mixed with spoons and F/F. One particular piece worked real well but it's not going to be out until next year so I can't tell you about that one yet ;)

PS: If anyone hooks onto a 600 foot sectrion of copper, a black dipsy, a 12 lb torpedo, and several stinger spoons, please bring them to the shop, I'm interested in them. One of those days :yes:

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I think we may have ended up with one of those top secret SD's. It wouldn't happen to be clear would it??? That must be one tangled mess laying at the bottom of the lake. Tell Dawn to drive the boat straighter next time :devil:


If I remember right you landed one of the big Kings I landed the skippy, and Ellie landed the one King on Copper, the laker on copper, and the last two Kings on the divers. She is becoming a rod hog just like me :devil::devil::devil:

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