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Late Report Seneca 7-28 and 7-29

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Been Rigging up a friends 20 ft Trophy for a couple weeks now and finally got it done and ready for its shake down... The three of us headed out of his camp on Seneca at 530 AM Saturday morn and ran south for a bit turned and came back north and setup shop in 400 fow ... We ran dipsys coppers and cores ... It didn't take long and we had a nasty smash on the dipsy, handed my friend the rod so he could boat the first fish on his boat, we got the 8lb laker in and no longer did we get the rod reset and the 300 copper fires with a 4lb salmon.... Then the Storm clouds came in and by the looks of the sky we decided to run to the launch just in time to tie up before we got soaked... Waited it out for about an hour and headed back out 730 AM and went back to the same spot thinking we might have missed the bite, Oh man were we ever wrong, we killed the lakers on the wires for the next two and half hours and some smaller salmon and bows on the coppers and cores... I think we boated 27 lakers total in 6 hours of fish and at least 10 salmon and rainbows..... What a day to break in a boat.... If my friend wasn't hooked he is for sure now.... All the lakers came on Iron Duke and Seneca Ghost Big Weenie flys and after all those smacks on both of them they still looked like they were brand new ... I can not say enough about the product Gary at Big Weenie produces ... :clap::clap:


Sunday we took some friends out on the duke out of Watkins and ran north ... The weeds were so bad on the east side we were forced to fish the west side were there wasn't a lot of activity on the screen but a whole bunch of us fishing the same area ... The fishing was extremely slow but did end up 7 total rainbows and salmon , most fish were on copper and cores but the wire picked up the best salmon of the day on the Iron Duke Fly.....


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