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Heading South From NY State


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Thinking of heading South for a ROADTRIP around the first week of Feb. I think I'll be taking I-95 & see where it takes me, no plans. Anybody got a good suggestion where to stop for a while before heading further? Campgrounds, sights to see, etc. I'm taking my mini-motorhome so I don't need any motels/hotels. Anyplace out of this dang snow.

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I 95...hmmmm..goes all the way down to south Florida east coast. Everything in between. I only have a few really nice places to go along the way. Of course they also involve some fishing. I like Cape Hatteras. Great fishing and camping along the barrier islands. It's a bit of an excursion from I 95 but well worth the extra ride. Might not be the warmest in the winter but there is less tourists at that time. Pier fishing is one thing you can do without 4x4 to get to the beach. I camp at a few different places but normally stay at Frisco Woods Campground, or Hatteras Sands in Hatteras Village. There are several good campgrounds north of the point too. Not sure if the ferry is running during the winter, you can check but it can take you off the outerbanks on the south end of Ocracoke island back to the mainland.

Georgia is next with St. Simons and Cumberland Islands park. Camping and sightseeing and close to the okeefenokee swamp. Then you are on your way into Florida, I would check to see if the state is still open to tourists after Ray crossed the St. Marys river....:lol:

You might check for him at the truckstop in Vero Beach, or the Lamancha motor in in Hialea. Never should have told him about those stops...:lipssealed::angel:

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stone mountain and georgian aquarium - both in atlanta georgia

ruby falls i think in tennesee

chesapeake bay bridge/tunnel

tail of the dragon in north carolina and tennesee i think

cherhala skyway around the same area

kennedy space center (VERY interesting) you wont realize how absolutly massive those things are until you see them in person!

boca raton for looking at all the extremely expensive masion and million dollar yachts (boca raton is richest part of florida)

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