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Need advice on rigging up a couple of dipsey rods


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Hey Fellas-

I have some nephews and kids of my own that i want to get into some bigger fish. I have some gift cards to Bass Pro that I'm looking to burn. Any advice on these dipsey set-ups? Money is tight and I want to get this right the first time.

http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/store ... rchResults

I've done a bit of research on here and this is what I'm thinking.

Daiwa sealine sg47lca or diawa accudepth plus

diawa heatland rod w/ twilly tip (rod length?)

Mag dipsy w/ ring, Black

e-chip flasher, color?

1000' Malin soft s/s 7 strand 30#

Any thing else I'm missing?

Thanks a bunch

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We run the 9½' Daiwa Heartland rods with twilitip for a couple of our dipsy rods and love them.

Many guys have gone to the shorter 7' rods for their wire. The reels are your choice but I would stay away from the AD reels if you can swing the SG47LC's. IMHO a much better reel. Most guys will tell you if you don't run white in the morning, run white. Then green if you don't have green, run green. Basic philosophy. You may run something purple and kill them and that will wind up being your "go to" and have all the confidence in the world in using it while everyone else is banging them on green and white.

That said I wouldn't go out without putting white or green out every trip.

Don't forget SPEED!!!!!!

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Make sure the rods are stiff enough. Two reasons.

1. it must be stiff enough to trip the diver from the boat.

2. When sending them out off to the side the stiffer rod will allow you better control of the dipsey until it gets past your out downrigger. Nothing worse than a lure and dipsey wrapping up on your downrigger cable.

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Make sure that the Heartland rod that you get is the Dipsy rod. We run them in 9'6" and 10' for our dipsys and love them. They're plenty stiff enough. No need for a twilly tip until you wear out the top guide on the rod. I've gotten two seasons out of my top guides on all of my Heartland wire dipsy rods before I needed to replace it with a twilly.

The SG47LCA is a great reel for that application, but we also run the ADP47LC's (the NEW Accudepth PLUS, not the old ones) on our wire rigs and have had very good luck with them. I wouldn't hesitate to run them and save some $$ to put into other things, especially if you're only going to be running them a few times each season.

E-chips are great, and we also like the 8" Spin Dr. a lot. White, Green, Chartreuse, and Dalmatian are all great choices. I also like some of the new colors they're coming out with for next year.


Do a search here and find the knot for tying your wire to your swivel. There's no need for crimps...the knot is ridiculously simple and absolutely works without fail. Basically you half hitch the wire to the swivel and tie an overhand knot with the tag end on the main line. There should be pics of it floating around on the site somewhere.

We use regular sized dipsys and achieve depths of up to 120' without much problem. The Mag will get down to those depths too, but with less line out. Downside to the Mag is the extra drag it produces.

You're definitely on the right track. Hope this helps.

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I'll put the 3rd vote in for the Heartlands. I have all 9'6" Heartland dipsey rods and love them. As Billy said the wire line knot is simple and holds great. I do use a crimp sleeve to finish off the tag end of the knot.

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i run 9'6" heartland rods w/ the diawa sealines.

(crimps suck!!! but dont learn it the hard way just use the wire knot.)

e-chips and spin docs both have their days (green, white, glow)

also a great tool to go along with your new dipsy rigs: "Precision Trolling Big Water Edition Book".

shows you dive curves of your dipseys. a must own in my eyes

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It depends on how old the kids are. The longer rods might be to much for them to handle. Miss-em makes a great 7' dipsy rod that works great for kings and the smaller fish in the fingerlakes. I put a penn reel clamp on them with the eye so I can put a leash on them. That would be a pricey splash if the kids lose their grip ;)

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As usual, great info. fellas!

Right now my oldest nephew is 12 and the youngest is 10. The older boy landed a 24 pound carp last year, so we have him on the right track. Good idea on some form of a leash.

I found that knot while searching. Seems the obvious way to go, stupid simple!

Thanks for the advice on the spin doctors and colors. I'll plan to go with one of each, just to get a taste. Are there different sizes in the spin doctors and e-chips?

Sounds like the standard dipsey may be the way to go. I will also get that trolling book.

Can't wait to see their look with that first screamer! My nephews just moved to Randsomville (close to Olcott), which has peaked my interest in revisiting trolling.

Thanks again, Lavarock

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