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Great reports Nick, won't be out til tomorrow afternoon, so hoping that lake stabilizes in 24 hrs! HAPPY 4th of JULY to Teresa and you!!!!! (And the dog) :)

Keep it going....get a bigger Steelie, and praying for you guys to get that big king!


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You made it longer than me nick. Flies were so bad I had to run to store and hang fly sticky traps in cuddy and cabin because I brought them all back to the dock with me. I couldn't get rid of them. I sprayed them with water and swateed them and they just coming back

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Never caught a tagged fish but caught quite a few that had chips in the head. When stopped by DEC survey boat one time 5 out of the Seven kings I caught were chipped. Problem is they cut their heads off and keep them to gather the chip and data. Made for one screwed up photo

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Sorry we missed ya out there Nick, didn't think we would make it through that second wave of rain. Hot zone was that 190 -180 Nice bow on the slider with 3 rips on the dipsies but nothing home. The bugs, not a problem, got the Buggs spray the other day that was mentioned on here Stuff worked awesome.

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Seeing some big marks in 500fow, but cant get them to go

Can't tell you how many wasted hours I have spent during pro/ams after the lake flipped chasing those deep blue zone marks.  Wish I knew the secret.

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Today was a fun day, we fished in the morning and then we hit Mills Fruit Stand for lunch/icecream.  Mills is about halfway between Sodus and Wolcott.  About a 15 minute drive, but worth it.   




They have a wide variety for hard ice cream as well as 27 flavors of soft ice cream.  I got the black cherry hard and Theresa got the german chocolate soft.  Both were very good.




Inside the building they also have a restaurant, mainly burgers and fries type of items.




The main reason for going to Mills though was to get fresh cherries.  They have a pretty large fruit/vegetable stand.  We picked up a pint of Bing cherries for $5. (On the way back to Sodus Point we stopped at one of the private home stands at the end of someone's driveway and got a quart of Bing cherries for $4.)




They also had some really good looking blue berries.






For dinner, we ate at Dockers.  It's a restaurant attached to Oak Park Marina on the eastern side of they bay.




It has seating in both the bar area and the large main dining area.






Here iare a few pages showing their menu










We ordered the bacon wrapped scallops as an appetizer




For my main course, I got the smaller prime rib (available on Thursday and Saturday only).




Theresa got the "make your own tacos".




Both were delicious and very large portions. 


Dockers also has a very nice view of the bay and it overlooks their marina, so you can stare out and people watch or follow the ongoings of an active marina.




Overall Dockers was an excellent restaraunt and the prices weren't too bad considering how upscale the fish was.  We will definitely go back again.


Time to get some sleep, see everyone out there tomorrow!




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Sometimes I don't think it matters what you do, the fish just aren't hungry.


Can't tell you how many wasted hours I have spent during pro/ams after the lake flipped chasing those deep blue zone marks.  Wish I knew the secret.

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