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July 5th - We left the dock around 5:30am with Ed and his family from southern New York for a day of fishing. Derby tickets were on board, and we were looking for the one. We started in the water from the previous day only to find things slowed down a little.


Fishing was tough today with only a few shots coming from Lake Ontario’s bruiser Salmon, but the Steelies more than made up for it. There are some nice chromers out there and more than willing to play. The highlight of the day was a LOC Derby placing 28lb Chinook Salmon that hit a Dreamweaver Raspberry Dolphin on our port Cannon downrigger. It ripped over and into the starboard diver before it went to the front of the boat. It then proceeded to go under the boat and get caught in our rudders. This lead to our client having to hand line it to the boat. If that isn’t EXCITING then I don’t know what is! 






July 6th - We left the dock nice and early hoping for a productive day on the water. We had Pete Crawford (Owner of Elite Archery and the Outdoor Group) out with his two sons and a fellow co-worker. The day started off GREAT! However, the bite would turn into a slllooowww pick.


We ran our three Cannon downriggers, two wire divers, and three junk lines. Our Cannons pulled mostly spoons with Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddlers, Raspberry Dolphins, and Silver w/ Green Glow tape being the best producers. On our divers we had both the green glow and blue glow Hijacker A-TOM-MIK flies going. The glow green was going behind a black double glow Dreamweaver Spin Docotor, and a white green dot Dreamweaver Spin Doctor. The glow blue version was good behind a Hammertime flasher.






July 7th - These guys were a returning group with high expectations. They fished with us last June, and we filled the cooler with big kings, so the pressure was on us to repeat. We left the dock around 5:30am and headed out for a fun day of fishing.


We saw a great picture on the inside while motoring out, so we dropped in around 90’ and gave it a go. It didn’t take long and we were into a screamer! Our 100’ diver was singing pulling a Hammertime flasher/A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly. We would go on to take a few other small kings along with busting off another big guy on a Dreamweaver Green Eyed Ghost. That bite died off, so we ventured North and found that the low 25N line was holding some active fish. We would go on to work that water the rest of the day.


Our studs were a Dreamweaver Green Glow Tip fished on our 40’ rigger, and a MAG Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler was good down 60’. Other lures that took fish was a MAG Dreamweaver Green Gator on a 10 color, meat was good on our 400’ A-TOM-MIK Copper, a Green dot Dreamweaver Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK Ultra Green Glow on the 300’ A-TOM-MIK copper, and Dreamweaver Raspberry Dolphins.









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Great report. Keep 'em coming. I always look forward to reading your interesting and informative reports.

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Very nice report. The time and effort you put into sharing the details is great. We had a good fourth of July week at the Oak as well. We were catching the kings early and late in the day east of the port in 135 to 250' of water on riggers at 70', 80', 90' and dipsy's out 250 and 300. Free sliders were catching some steelhead in the 200 - 250' range and when the sun became bright we headed out to deep water (400-500') where the steelhead kept everyone entertained in the upper water column, 50' and up. Hot rigs for us were mountain dew flasher with a green/white fly, white spin doctor with green dots followed by a hammer fly. Spoons that produced were DW purple with white ladder back and gold back side, any silver spoons with some black on them and white on the back side, gold flutter spoons and spoons with red, white and blue combined on them. We had a couple of good mornings 11 for 11 and 14 for 14. We noticed the lake is not crowded for the evening bite and the salmon really turn on right before dark. The Oak is just a great fishing port. Our largest fish was 28 pounds with a 26 pounder and many in the 20-23 pound class. I would post some pictures but apparently I don't know how.


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