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Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday!

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Well the post above reminded me, I need to get the word out. Every year has been a success with last year being nearly impossible to fish for most. This year, maybe it can change.

**If a tie were to occur, the tie breaker will be the longer of the two fish**

BIG FISH FRIDAY is a winner take all event that we do to trash talk and bragging rights. Its twenty bucks a boat and weigh in is usually at the Sampson launch ramp with a time of 5:30 pm. Did I mention winner takes all? For just one fish, you're entire weekend expenses could be paid for!

So let's get on the list and see what guys are returning and what guys aren't. PM me with the official "I'm in". This is an honor system paying at weigh in, if you say you're in, you pay. Even if you didn't fish or catch one. Every year one or two guys don't show, but we get by it because were all a good group here.

So, let's get the roll call,

"Are ya feeling lucky, Punk"?


*Current head count*

Any discrepancy, contact me


Look for other topics for entry!!!

:Other past winners are:

Lil Jake


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trying to get the day off, if I do I will be in.

will let you know for sure soon.

i know how much you Seneca lake guys depend on us

Cayuga lake guy to show you how to catch fish so im doing

my best to be there.

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Seneca lake. We do a twenty bucks buy in winner takes all any trout or salmon (Atlantic) weigh in at Sampson state park

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