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Western Finger Lakes State of the Lake

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The dec is holding a state of the lake meeting in Lima this Monday May 19th on the western finger lakes. Just an FYI in case any of you guys want to go. Should be interesting. Good place to ask questions too. Here the link to there page. Meeting starts at 7 but from 6-7 there will be a meeting on participating in angler diaries.


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Attended last eve’s presentation: most notable info from memory (stayed for Hemlock and Canadice only)

Hemlock Lake: Lake trout population is down from the 80s numbers, and is sourced almost exclusively by stocking. Growth rate is the highest across the Finger Lakes <= avg ~4lbs for a 22†trout. There is a very abundant forage base available, including a good smelt population. The DEC has great interest in returning the rainbow fishery to prior levels. Spring and August sampling of Springwater and Limekiln Creeks show strong yearling/juvenile populations. Predation is believed to be the limiting factor for Rainbow recruitment. Brown trout and walleye stocking has been suspended to evaluate their affect on the rainbow recruitment. Stocking of Finger Lakes strain rainbows may be considered in the future to supplement natural recruitment. Landlock stocking has been terminated due to virtually zero results.

Canadice Lake: Lake trout population is excellent… approx twice the level of Hemlock. Growth rate is about avg for the FLs… ~3lbs for a 22†laker. Unlike Hemlock, the LT fishery is 96+ % derived from natural reproduction. Consideration is being given to eliminating future LT stocking. Brown trout stocking to be continued.

Both lakes: multiple requests during the presentation were made for additional Diary cooperators. The diary information is an invaluable component for managing these lakes (all the FLs).

Someone else may remember more, or was smart enough to take notes!!

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