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2014 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown *Oswego & LSRC*

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A-TOM-MIK Challenge



A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown



Dates of involved events

June 21 A-TOM-MIK Challenge

July 26 Little Salmon River Challenge

August 23 Fair Haven Challenge


2014 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Points so far (Including bonus points) Oswego & LSRC

(Triple Crown Only)


After Oswego

1-Screamer/Big Fin 125.45
2-Praying Mantis 119.20
3-Cold Steel 115.35
4-Breaktime 112.30
5-Time Fly's 110.65
6-Bobber Buoy 109.20
7-Top Gun 109.07
8-Thinkin Big 104.65
9-Hook-n-Up 102.40
10-5 More Minutes 99.25
11-Fish Nuts 92.35
12-Missfitt 88.05
13-Thunder Struck 85.00
14-Primetime 72.75
15-All Out/DA 72.10
16-Angling Addict 72.05
17-TOM-MIK 64.15
18-Iron Man 62.90
19-On the Lam 56.45
19-Seaducktion 56.45
20-High Adventure 53.00
21-Hot Pursuit Two 36.60
22-Hotwires 26.90
23-Dipsey Ranger 24.65
24-Horsin' Around 10
24-Team Buffa 10
24-Rockwood 10
24-Trouble Shooters 10
24-Good Time Sportfishing 10
24-Cannonball Runner 10

24-Dirty Goose 10
24-Triple Deuce 10
24-Hot Rod 10
24-Smash Mouth 10
24-Tailbuster 10
24-Out for Trout 10
After the LSRC
1-Thunderstruck 259.80
2-Primetime 243.05
3-Breaktime 231.30
4-A-TOM-MIK 224.85
5-All Out/DA 212.19
6-Bobber Buoy195.60
8-Praying Mantis 170.50
9-Thinkin’ Big 154.85
10-Hot Pursuit Two 139.90
11-Screamer/Big Fin 135.45
12-Smash Mouth 130.70
13-Angling Addict 126.95
14-Cold Steel 125.35
15-Missfitt 122.75
16-Time Fly’s 120.65
17-Team Buffa 119.20
18-High Adventure 115.50
19-5 More Minutes 109.25
20-Top Gun 109.07
21-Hook-n-Up 102.40
22-Fish Nuts 102.35
23-Horsin’ Around 100.80
24-Good Times Sportfishing 90.70
25-Rockwood 89.10
26-Iron Man 72.90
27-On the Lam 56.45
27-Seaducktion 56.45
28-Dipsey Ranger 24.65
29-Cannonball Runner 20
29-Triple Deuce 20
29-Hot Rod 20
29-Out for Trout 20
30-Trouble Shooters 10
30-Dirty Goose 10
30-Tailbuster 10
Tom Allen
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Last two years it was the 4th Saturday of the month. This year the 3rd Saturday. Kind of messed up my schedule. why the change? :(

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Last two years it was the 4th Saturday of the month. This year the 3rd Saturday. Kind of messed up my

schedule. why the change?


I never actually counted Saturdays, I've just kept it in the same position taking into consideration other events on the lake that some of us fish


2012 it was June 23rd

2013 was June 22nd

2014 it is the 21st


There are other events the same weekends every year (on the weekend before and the weekend after) so I always choose the weekend inbetween


Sorry to mess you up Troy, ): this date was posted late in 2013 as soon as I knew the dates of the surrounding events



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Can we register at the Captain's meeting?  My crew and boat are very dependent on a mild wave forecast.  Also, rules state rod limit is two per person up to 8 lines (4 crew).  Any less crew is per state law.  Site says 2 rods per person but regs are now 3 per person. Can I run 6 rods if there are only two of us?

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I would assume that you are correct, because the rest of the rule states "If you fish fewer than four anglers you may only run the number of rods allowed by law (2 per angler). "  It just needs to be updated.


But I am pretty sure the max number for the tournament will be 8 rods.  Just like most of the tournaments run this year.

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how close is the meeting to wrights landing?( trying to figure out how long the walk will be so we make it on time lol) best of luck this weekend to all and tight lines with a side of safe water!

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