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Sandy Creek Shootout Teams List

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JI'm starting it now! Get signed up! As of final

*Team Rabid Weasle we dont see any paypal payment from you. Please call 370.8068.

1.Silver Fox


3.Nothing But Net

4.Maryland Boat

5.Flat Top

6.My Mink

7.Double D

8.HBT Sportfishing

9.Salmon Sweepers


11.Fisher 4

12.Chasing Chrome

13.Reel Issues


15.Rigger Us


17.Miss demeanor

18.Trout N About

19.Live Action

20.Mr. breeze

21.Game On/Rod Hog

22.Get The Net

23.The Scottsman II

24.Make The Turn

25.Jakey Baby

26.FLX Troller

27.Rabid Weasle

28.Fish Assassins

29.Jolly II


31.Running Rebel

32.Reel Drag

33.Triple S

34.Yankee Troller

35.Pull The Hook

36.Jessica Rea

37.Stand & Deliver




41.Salmon Boy

42.Whaler One


44.Locked Up


46.Chasin Tail

*You must leave and return to sandy creek only! No other ports.

*to keep the creek clear, if your launching and it gets a little crowded you may stage just outside the creek till 5am. Then you can leave. No fishing till 5:30!

*Don't forget the Friday night get together at Nuts Corners after 5pm. Calcutta can be paid then also.

*Big fish Friday also! Get ahold of Jakey baby for info and payment

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Guys, I have a few people that will take fish saturday at the weigh in...But they need to be on ice all day so they stay fresh..Nothing worse than a cooler filled  with hot fish soup...

Thanks  MC

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