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ok bought my derby ticket online and we are fishing tomorrow. Is that all I need to do???? My buddies are wondering. I bought mine weeks ago but never received anything in the mail or nothing. Just wondering what the 411 is with buying it online. Thanks a lot


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When you registered on-line you will have a number on the printed receipt ticket that is your LOC number. You do not get anything in the mail anymore.


When you weigh a fish and it places in the top 20, you will need that number (and your buddies will also need theirs as one witness) to give to the weighmaster at the tackle shop. My buddy Anthony showed the weighmaster a picture of his ticket on his cell phone and I just keep the printed receipt in my wallet.


Technically, if you don't have the number, I think Dave Chilson and his LOC team can look it up but I'm sure he doesn't want to be doing that too often.


Good luck,



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Check ur email. They should have sent one confirming your purchase. The invoice # is what u need if you weigh a fish in. If u cant find it u can call them.

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They emailed you a receipt when you completed your online order.  The sender address is "[email protected]".  The Invoice Number is the number you need - you have to be able to list it on the paperwork when you enter your fish.

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