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  Yesterday I got some intelligence on a rare duck sighting at the port of Rochester....I packed my cold weather gear, camera and tripod. I worked the graveyard shift and went down to the pier. I walked out on the Charlotte side and was welcomed by large flocks of common, and red breasted Mergs inside the channel. The farther I got out on the pier, I saw huge flocks of Old squaws. On the Lake side there were big icebergs. I noticed something on one berg and it was a Snow Owl... Very cool.... The ice on the pier was extremely treacherous. It was over the railings, so if I fell down, more than likely I would end up in the frigid water. It took me about an hour to get to the end of the pier. Then it happened......

  As I got to the end, I looked up and saw a flock of birds flying right at the pier... they crossed in front at about 25 yards and I saw him!!!!  A mint Drake King Eider flying in a big flock of Old squaws.....he didn't have a big lobe, but he stood out like a sore thumb... So there I am, standing at the end of the pier with my jaw hitting the ice and My camera tucked inside My jacket...Freakin amature!!!!   The flock with the King flew north and set down on an open patch of water about 150-200 yards out... Too far to get a picture with my POS camera. I stood out there for about an hour hoping "Elvis" of the duck world would make another fly by....Nope. he was content on sitting out on the open patch. On the way back to the parking lot, I saw a big mature Bald eagle stalking a flock of Mergs. Awesome sight! I make my way back to the parking lot with a big sh#^ eating grin on my face....... Today was a Great day!!!!



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 Yea.........my phone rang off the hook last night....it was a long night at work ....


When I got back to my truck there was a convoy of mini vans with Bird watchers going out to see if they could spot "Elvis"... Apparently the word has spread to the bird watching community...

  Lake O never ceases to amaze me with the diversity of fish and waterfowl. Seems like every time we get some weird weather patterns, there are some non-indigenous, or rare, birds that show up. A couple years ago, the morning after Hurricane Sandy hit, I had the best Brant shoot from the Lake O shoreline in 5-6 ft curlers. I haven't seen a Brant migration like that since that day. Hopefully this King will stick around and give a nice show.......

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Last year we had a snow owl down here in PA. It sat on a tall not used telephone pole in the middle of a local farm field right outside of a busy little town, Broadheadsville. I got to see the bird up close, knowing the farmer. The owl made the paper and the local news. It is unusually cold this year again maybe he will return!! Anyway great story and determination to get a pic. Maybe next time.

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