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I have a ton of flies for sale. I will post pictures in the comments below. Please PM me if you're interested or have any questions. Have Paypal. PM for prices.

I'll take 14 of em. Invoice me at [email protected] on paypal. Shipping address is 188 Ogden Center rd, Spencerport NY 14559. I'll take 2 uv watermelon, 2 uv glow crazy b, 2 uv pigpen, 2 uv glow alewife, 2 Blackjaw bandits, 2 glow froggy and 2 uv wonderbread. Thanks, Chris Mandell. Please use personal email listed above for contact as I am not on here a lot. Cheers!

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UV HF Green Killer post-151174-14271477962902_thumb.jpg

UV Ouch post-151174-14271478408149_thumb.jpg

White Mirage post-151174-14271478688635_thumb.jpg

HF Pink


42 Second Glow post-151174-14271479120684_thumb.jpg

Glow Gator post-151174-1427147944153_thumb.jpg

Glow Dirty White Boy post-151174-14271479648196_thumb.jpg

6 inch Glow Mtn Dew post-151174-1427147993006_thumb.jpg

The 6 inchers are limited and a different price so please contact me for details. PM if you have any questions please.

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Checked the profile..... just 17 years old.... excited no doubt about the new venture. Nice looking flys. If i didn't tie my own, I'd buy a few of yours.


Good luck!

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