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Is there a non-profit organization/fishing charter service for...

Todd in NY

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The two I'm familiar with are the Salmon Slam out of Sodus with Project Healing Waters in August


and the Wounded Warriors event out of Fair Haven


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I'll participate however I can Rollie. I work at a not for profit camp that can potentially give them a place to stay. We also host wounded warriors thru project new hope.

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In the process of setting an event up for Cayuga lake , looking for any boat owners willing .......


I'd love to participate but my boat will be snowed in after this Sunday, expecting a foot or more of lake effect. Best of luck with it. You guys that live down in the "Banana Belt", aka south of the snow belt :) , might still have access to your boats when this fishing trip kicks off.

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Oh, ok. Sounds like there's still plenty of time to get something organized. I think it would be easier to get something like that out of Henderson Harbor on Lake O. There are a bunch of disabled veterans and active duty (including National Guard and Reserve) men and women still at or near Fort Drum. Shoot me a PM with some information that I can pass on to some folks at Fort Drum. I don't have any personal contacts up there, but I just retired from the Army a few years ago and I know many of the organizations that can help get the word out (MWR, BOSS, even the 2 organizations mentioned above). A trip on the Finger Lakes would be cool to, especially with guys who can't handle rougher water for any number of reasons.

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