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New bird dog puppy

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yeah it does take a lot of time for a full coat to come in on them. I've heard up to 3 years. So Dutch got an infection this summer and had to have a drain put in. The Vet shaved the spot and I'm thinking sh*t its going to take a year to grow that hair back. well it was slow for sure but I believe its fully grown in now. Id say it took a good 6 months



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As of July of last year Marshoy is no longer breeding.

I'm not sure why, but the last time I had talked to them I remember them mentioning that they were planning on getting out of it.

I know of a couple of breeders that have pups on the ground now. If you're interested shoot me a PM and I can give you their info.



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Sorry Folks,

I clearly haven't been paying close enough attention to this post. We go way into northern Maine, about a half hour south of Fort Kent and cover a lot of ground up there. My best piece of advice is avoid the North Maine Woods, yes there's birds in there but its hard to hunt them unless you're  gravel road pounding them. Target old farms and alder thickets if you go. We kill a lot of birds but we hunt harder than hell too.


As for Dutch's little brother, id like to see them spend more time in the woods but I get it. Life is busy.


As for Dutch, he's been having an amazing season. He's really rounding out to be a phenomenal dog. Every time I go out with him he does something that amazes me and makes me want to stop and take pictures. Weather its  cutting off a running rooster, pinning a grouse, or retrieving a crippled duck a couple hundred yards through some thick nasty crap. Its pretty amazing to be able to take the same dog out to do everything and be successful, state land ditch roosters, grouse, woodcock, ducks, geese, you name it.... Ill post a few pics from this season so far. more updates to come






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