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Evening troll Seneca 9-15-16


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Hop and I figured we'd give it a try for a couple hours in his boat keeping it simple while we chatted and caught up on things just using wire dipsey setups and a 250 copper and a topline off an inline board. Beautiful lake with light northerly wind and most of lake relatively flat. We motored north from his place  to about Pontious Point and out toward the middle seeking rainbows and landlocks but whatever else might hit. We trolled south in and out from 400 in to about 120 something adjusting our setups all along the way ending up around Willard. Ran one spinney with white UV fly and the other e-chip flasher with fake meat and spoons on the copper and top line. Never had a touch the entire time. The fish we did mark looked like lakers down deep 150 - 180 something ad some bait.  It was mostly a social occasion to begin with but a little surprising nontheless that we didn't even have a hit despite various speeds etc. The sunset however was really nice.....as was the entrance of the moon. :)




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Thanks guys. Jason just give me a call and I'll try to check things out for you. Don't have a boat at the moment its at Barrett's motor getting looked at. :(

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The oil warning icons came up on the Smart Gauge and the buzzer went off so having it checked out and a new impeller while it is there. Hopefully nothing real serious...

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