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Seneca Fishstix NLT derby results

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Fishstix NLT derby results

Best picture of the 12lb laker Ive got. I would like to thank all the sponsors. The guys and gals working the weigh stations did a great job.

Only caught 6 or 7 fish last weekend a couple 5lb to 7lb. we let go. but the right one hit at the right time.Fished hard all three days . Willie just turned 75 last week kind of ironic.

Wish I could get my grandson in the picture interested but I guess its a computer world.Had a lot of fun cleaning weeds. Very nice trophy.

On to the next one hope my program is still working..

Thanks to HOLY MACKEREL for the contraption.

IMG_20170529_144041536 (004).jpg

IMG_20170529_152828832_HDR (004).jpg

IMG_20170529_142225658_HDR (004).jpg

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