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My dad made me take a "piloting,seamanship and small boat handling" course before he let me use his boat. It was like 13 weeks and pretty hard. That was 50 years ago. Last year i took the state course on line for the heck of it. It's free if you don't need the certificate. Trouble is no matter how well you know the rules it seems no one else does. I avoid trouble by assuming everyone else is drunk,on the phone,and out for the first time.

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That is the best way to approach it. Rules of the road can be trumped by safety, common sense, and common courtesy.

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Thats what they make those big 12 oz sinkers for lol and flare guns your lucky the idiot didnt run you over i have had to power my boat out of the way of other  boats well on anchor . Idiots are everywhere !

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9 hours ago, Bassin Bob said:

OK I was the stand on craft as the big boat approached from my port side. I was engaged in fishing. I was going east, he was going south. I was engaged in fishing. He was the stand off craft as he came on my port side. Free to navigate.
He had 3 miles of water behind me and decided to go in shore of me cutting me off quite intentionally .
Had he swamped me as he could have easily at 30 yds or less. Had I survived, I'd have had his ass In court. His actions were dangerous, out of pure ignorance and flat out stupid. I was fishing near dead still at 1.8 mph. He knew exactly what he was doing. Showing off his stupidity. Next time I hope never but if I see him words will be spoken.

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that could have turn out very bad is right . 30 yards with a 4 ft wake could have thrown the grand kids out of the your boat . i think you did one thing wrong . should have pick up your lines and chase the guy down and got is hall number, with the pic you took and called 911 and got the cops on this , i don't care if you were the stand off boat witch i know you wasn't ,you just do pass a boat 30 yards from another boat with a 4 foot wake !........... i am glad you and your grand kids didn't get hurt . 

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New generation...
Money = entitlement.

Its not just my generation either. Some guys my age are very respectful... I agree with what some else said... EVERYONE should take a boating course... Just because you were born on a certain date and grand fathered in so you don't need the course... Doesn't make you sea worthy... Guy charging at you would of known fishing vessels have the right of way... I took a course when I was 15 or so... Parents forced it on us... But I use to cruise the St. Lawrence... Can be very dangerous out there

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I took the 13 week course with my son when he was 10 so that he could operate the boat I gained a wealth of knowledge from that course regarding the rules of the road on the water. You can't operate a motor vehicle without classes ,training and testing Why should ANYBODY be allowed to operate a boat without like training. I have been an advocate of mandatory training and have contacted legislators Re: this matter. I know. You will say training won't stop idiots. But at least they will have a clue about how to operate a boat. Which many out there don't

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