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Pre season sightings


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Well was bummed out at camp! Put 4- trail cameras out and two failed? Keep shutting off after new batteries? Just order two brownings.had some does and fawns on the others.be back in two weeks!

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Here's a couple bucks I have on camera. Trouble is like all bigger bucks I hardly ever see them during the season. That's why they're both mature older bucks. They disappear every hunting season. I have 1 other 23" 10 point on camera but can't get the computer to read the SD card. So I can't attach the picture. If I get it to load I'll attach it later.


B Safe!



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Here is our pics from from forestville ny. Watch two of these several nights a week as I grill. The one with trip brow tines on both sides is a genetic that we see yearly. He looks to me like a 2.5 year old. We have a lot of non typical genes. 


one of the top recorded bucks "Bucky" in nys scoring wise non typical was found dead by a good friend a few miles from house was four years ago. Skull mount is in the Versailles store. We had him and his brother on trail cam when he was 2.5 yr old. Both giants. Other was never killed or found. 




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That sucks! I always figure you and your buddies are good for a couple of slammers each year and I look forward to the pictures and stories. I hope it all works out well for you and you're back in the game soon!

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