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Lowrance autopilot cable steer

Andre wallyandre

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4 minutes ago, Sarge5150 said:

I was thinking of switching to hydraulic this year and then adding autopilot next year.  Are hydraulics good long term?  Any downsides?

Less part in a hydraulic and it's smoother and probably less noisy. I never listen the cable motor but the hydrauic pump make barely noises.

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On ‎2‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 7:19 AM, wallyandre said:

No, compatible with: Gen2, Gen2 Touch, Gen3 and Carbon

Also compatible with the Simrad Go series and Evo2 and EVO3 

Good morning.

The 2 cables that come out of the helm unit.

The larger cable coming out of the motor drive would be the drive cable and the smaller

cable coming out of the smaller part on the side of the helm would be the feedback?

Just want to make sure I have things right before I power up.

I know this sounds simple but mistakes look expensive.





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these helm style autopilots require considerable space behind the dash.  I think 10inches or so.  I looked into them extensively last year.  performance reviews seemed to vary quite a lot.  Some saying they were adequate...some saying the units over heated and had sloppy steering.  They cost about $1000 as well.  If you add in the cost of your autopilot electronics you could rapidly approach $3000 and still be dealing with a cable steered boat.


if you have power assisted steering I think you have a better option.  Which is what I ended up doing.  For $1000 you can add hydraulic steering to your boat, and get out from under the "cable steering" debacle.  And now Raymarine offers their Evolution Type 1 hydraulic autopilot electronics package for $1800-2000. So for roughly the same cost you can have yourself hydraulic autopilot, which is much better IMHO.

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Pretty much already installed. Just checking on the wiring.
Paid $499 Canadian for the pilot brand new from Cabelas in Ottawa.
$749 for an HDS 7 Gen 3
Have $1500 Can into it.
Most reviews here say they are happy with these units.

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