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Older Lund w rotten flooring


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A Lund that has sat out in the open for the last two winters (death of the owner) will be coming up for sale soon. It's either a 19 or 20 foot rig with a 115 hp Merc. Age unknown but I think it's later than 1990 because the color isn't deep red like the 1980s Tyees.


The person who inherited the boat said she knew it needs new flooring. What other things should my son and I be looking at and how tricky is putting in a new floor?


If anyone needs the model of the boat to provide a better answer, let me know and I'll drive by and get that info.





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tmcaul, On the back of the boat, usually on the upper right hand side, you will find a series of numbers stamped on the transom. In most cases, the last 2 numbers are the year the boat was manufactured.

As far as replacing the floor, time consuming, but not a hard job. Best advise is try to save the old pieces and use them as templates to cut the new floor.

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It shouldn't be that bad the aluminum lund's I believe all have aluminum stringers so when you remove the old floor don't smash it out so you can use it as a pattern. and be sure to seal all the new flooring, both sides and edges and any holes you have to put in it.

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