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Seneca seneca levels after all this rain


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Got a lot of friends in the area working DOT/highway crews and Fire / EMS - it's a real mess between Seneca and Cayuga lakes in Seneca county.


From the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association :



If you haven’t done so already, please check and secure your docks, boats, rafts, paddle boards ect. The lake is still rising from the rainfall - about 8” in less than 6 hours according to the lake level gauge in Geneva.




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Significant debris and pollution at Lodi Point.  The State boat ramp is barely visible.  A very sad situation for those impacted.  Here is a link to some more aerials.






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A lot of serious debris floating out on the lake right now (friend said propane tank another said shed roof etc.) so a lot of care will be needed if anyone goes out there in near future. Depending on wind direction/velociies the stuff could end up miles from there too.

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I'm considering taking the boat out there in the next few days to drag any floating debris I can find back to shore.  Just have to see which launches will be open.  I'm thinking maybe Sampson or Watkins.  Anyone have any input on whether this might be a good idea?  Just want to help the lake.

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Based in Sampson’s Facebook page it appears they’re open.

That said I think I’m delaying my trip by a day or two to try and let things settle out, sounds like I’ll need to be pretty cautious next week when I’m out.

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