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Sold / Closed Depth Raider (SOLD)

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I have a complete Depth Raider I am going to sell. I had good readings down to 95’ when I had it set up on the boat earlier this year. Intermittent signal when deeper. They told me this was due to electrical interference which i was unable to troubleshoot. (I also have electrical interference with my fish finder as well from the main engine. I upgraded to a Fish Hawk in June.  I found I had better signal when I held the connector to the side as shown in the picture of the connector in my hand. Otherwise all should be there as shown in the other picture which is what will be included. I believe the coated cable is 300' and only a year old.


What do do you all think this is worth? It is used and has  suited me well for four years I believe. ( could be five)









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