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Chowder and Mickey at the Oak 3/29, 3/30

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Good times fishing cold water the last couple days. Fished east and west of the breakwall in 20-3’ ran sticks behind the big boards at 1.6-2.5. Fish seemed to be in pockets not related to temp and got most in 37 to 38 degree water. We ran a varying range of colors and shapes but almost all came on black silver 3” yozuri and 3” bass pro stx yozuri clones. 1 coho hit a lime bay rat and 1 brown hit a yellow smith wick.





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17 minutes ago, Reel Doc said:

Looking good!  

Wish I was there but did enjoy working on my Funky Chicken Dance!


Sweet, did the car come with it

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1 hour ago, thumbburn said:

Looks like you launched at the black north....... any socks in yet?....

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No docks, just dropped it in and motored over to a rickety ‘dock’ behind the north to pickup the crew and then power loaded apon return. Not bad at all. Water is a bit low.

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WTG Andy:yes:

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