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Shakedown trip cayuga

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Finally got the new Crestliner commander on the water and fishing. Everything worked great and I'm very happy with the boat. Fishing was a little slow and please beware there is floating debris everywhere and a big log about 6 in under the surface on the West Shore. Anyone going out on Cayuga be super careful. Water is ice cold 54 on the top and 44 30-foot foot down.30405.thumb.jpeg.2c96477684c484bc88df49aac1da0131.jpeg20190526_095203.thumb.jpeg.2b47069fe201509109eda5e56c0618e5.jpeg20190526_095213.thumb.jpeg.253bc7ad9904eee0634a0409f69fdfcc.jpeg20180929_143213.thumb.jpeg.d73c956512ddeb9431aeb58bdf7b5c46.jpeg20180929_143307.thumb.jpeg.fc264e693c39f5b83bdde22b3af79517.jpeg


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Um...wowser...nice rig! Will look for you out on the water.

Are you based on Cayuga or are you a traveller?

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