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Does anyone know if the 1000 ft from shore no wake zone is still in effect ? People are planing around Sandy Pond close to shore as if it isn't. Cant find any info online.


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I saw sign in Fair Haven stating 500 for shore line.  


any one clarify, if oswego lighthouse/break wall is considered shore?  we were NOT sure, but throttled down 500+ feet before the lighthouse coming in, but noticed charter boats not quite doing that either.  meaning still throwing a small wake but going like 8-10mph thou....



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From the Cayuga County Sheriff regarding Fair Haven (Little Sodus)

** Continued NO WAKE ZONE Lake Ontario **

An Emergency Order issued by Cayuga County Legislative Chair Tucker Whitman remains in effect for the shoreline of Lake Ontario and Little Sodus Bay implementing a No Wake Zone within 500 feet of shore. An Executive Order issued by the Governor earlier this year extending the wake zone expired on July 20th per the state and was not extended.

The current No Wake Zone does not extend beyond 500 feet at this time. We hope this clears up recent confusion regarding this issue.

‘Bout Time

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