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Two Mouth Fish Is it real?

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I just ran across this and since I didn't see anything on LOU about it, I thought I would post this. I wasn't sure if it is real or not. I couldn't get to the Facebook post without an acct.



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Yup its a real catch and not all that uncommon. Typically an injury from previously being caught and released when the fish was small. I caught a King last year with two mouths although it was slightly different. The one I caught had teeth on both upper & lower jaws And if you look at the side it appeared to have a second gill plate. Still most likely an injury from being caught when young and it healed this way.

I released the fish hoping someone else would have the enjoyment of catching it. Afterwards I thought "maybe I should have had it mounted" would have made a good conversation piece.




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These fish are examples of skippys that were mishandled,  Nothing more.

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