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Well, this guy went belly up at dads pond so I went to the rescue. Tried to revive him for about 10 min but he was past the point. Reminded me of a late stager cause he had a "mush" to him. Old grass eater was over 25 years old. Sure made my son's day to see a slob like this though. Almost 40#, 43 1/2". He will be repurposed into a hand made recurve covering and potentially a quiver if there's enough left.




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We stocked a dozen of them and have lost prob 4 over 25 years. Truth be told, it was sad cause these guys are a blast to watch cruise around and the fact they have been in there for so long, BUT there isn't a weed in the place. They will follow the lawn mower to eat the clippings. Kinda makes it hard for the other species to hide.

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I have 6 stocked 15 years ago

I think they became victim of our huge blue heron maybe otters

They cleaned out the hydrilia mess

Black dye and aeration helps

Getting some more this year

Younger fish eat more weeds

Never caught any 

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Growing up (8-9 years old) me and all my buddys would ride our bikes down to the swamps. An area that formed when susquehanna river would flood. Fishing rod, and bag of bread. We would throw the bread out on the surface and they would smash it. 20-30lb carp was the norm. We had some great times catching carp. 

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