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Launched around 8ish. Fished west around 2mph with water temps 41-42 degrees. First time seeing any kind of mudline. Tried a nbk and sodus pt buckeye spoons, and esmerelda and filthy pouch bayrats.  Went 4 for 4 with 3 browns and one rainbow/steelhead in the mix. Two browns hit esmerelda bayrat so added a second to the spread and got the 3rd. My first mate is learning quite a bit with it only being our 2nd trip  up to Ontario. He's netting, taking planers off, and steering the boat when theres a big one on. Life is good besides the trailer problem right as I pulled in the driveway.  Anyone got trailer expertise? 






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Awesome job. Looks like you need some new bearings on your trailer. If you don`t have a trailer supply place in your area then check at tractor supply.  They sell parts and complete hubs

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