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unknown fish in stomach of brown trout

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Been fishing  Cayuga for 29 years, and am totally unfamiliar with  the small fish i found in a brown  I cleaned yesterday.. there were 5 or 6 of them, in varying stages of decomposition.. The heads were more digested than the bodies, so it was hard for me to get a look at the   heads/faces... They were about 5 inches long, and  silvery like  a sawbelly.,,, However, they were  elongated like an eel.. Not round like an eel or a lamprey, they were vertically compressed  like a sawbelly, but  elongated like an eel.

 Think of an eel like bait fish, but silvery ,compressed, and the had some dark lines/markings as well.. A few  thin lines, not real dark running lengthwise along the body.. They were not Gobies, seen a million of those, certainly not alewives or smelt,,, They must be schooling fish such as an alewife however as this brown was packed with them, all siilvery long, thin and vertically compressed, with some markings...   This computer not set up for pictures right now, so could not take any pics... any ideas???.. I would recognize  a picture of them... Oh yeah, tail fin was  quite rounded from what I could tell, not forked.... . bob

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1 hour ago, Roys Boys said:

Might be a silver minnow.. their long and skinny and get around 4 inches this one was in a laker on Seneca


 Pretty close, but seemed  more compressed, and a rounded tail... Could be that decomposition had some effect on how the fish looked as well.. Its not a big deal, I was just curious... bob

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1 hour ago, whaler1 said:

Baby bowfin

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baby bowfin would be my guess as well (rounded tail etc.)

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