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Cayuga 5/16

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Took the kids out this morning for a go at some fish. Launched at Myers and headed north. Water was extremely brown so we headed for clearer water. Fished with a 2 color, 3 color, 7 color, and a 8 color. Had riggers parked at 28 and 32 foot. Worked 45 to 55 fow. Kids had a blast reeling in the leadcore lol. Had a triple at one point all on cores, got them all in!received_169674911128662.jpegreceived_2765612620216695.jpegreceived_675760909661358.jpegreceived_2730549627190847.jpegreceived_391462011791686.jpegreceived_379862359622059.jpeg20200516_112554.jpeg20200516_103814.jpeg20200516_084546.jpeg


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Super great kid and fish pictures thanks for posting them. Where can a guy get one of those lip grip tools?
Here is one we caught Sat. This one came 165 down . Off a rigger.

I got those fish grips at bass pro... I’m sure fish USA would have them as well

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