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No intention to change your plans or thread. I just thought why limit it to one person if some have 2.

I like the idea and maybe have it be remote catch and release. I think up north they measure length, picture and release.

Could have people post all morning long from many ports.

Low cash could lower the funny business?

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You can fish any Derby on the lake legal with 2 + guys . 

There is nothing for us loners .


Yes , low cash entry . Right now it's not about the money . 

I like the catch and release , that could be done . 

 There  is a lot  time till September .


This is in its infancy . You have to start somewhere . Maybe it gets,bigger . 


I like one port and limited area so everyone is on a level field .And we keep eye on each other .  We all know some ports are better certain days .


Love to see this get to 20 + boats .   

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I would def be interested to n a tourney like that. May have to make it like one day out of a week tho. Being small boat sometimes the o won't play nice and may not allow small boats to get in the lake. So having a wide array of dates might be beneficial. 

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There was a time I thought I wanted to get in the tournament circuit . Man I'm glad I did not . My nature is to win  so all my fishing time and dollars would be involved with that . I would miss all the other  actual fishing I so enjoy . 


Now that I'm on the water I fish a lot . I don't have the resources to get boat and  equipment to compete . Or the time to prep , practice ,etc. 


So I will fish the LOC when I can and hopefully this small boat thing takes off a little and we can have a few a year for fun . 

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I would be interested, safety concerns I might have a friend, family member a long.

September, well that can be a tough month. Weather is rapidly changing. I live close to the lake, fished it starting 74. Long time. September any day at 8 am calm, 11 am 6 footers. Just thinking mid August?  I'm not throwing water on it just cautiously watching this thread build.

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I  fish a,lot Sept to early Oct for staggers . 


And the lake is flat a lot . Some years . 


Have to pick the day , if it's rough ,it's off. 

If it gets rough , it's off . 


If I put this together , it's 1 man only . 


I don't want anyone to feel unsafe or uncomfortable . So if you do, definitely , don't go . 


Maybe there won't be enough interest  to have it . 


We will see . 

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So could you limit to one or two but only allow 3 rods and boats under 19' 6"

I fished a number of derbies from an 18 foot boat 2 guys 4 rods ( Canada ) knowing we were fishing against boats with 10 or more rods bugged me but partner said we only need Kings not junk lines (cashed in a couple )

Could be big fish rather than big box and if people were kept up to date nonqualifiers could be released.

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