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Hudson River stripers 2020


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10 hours ago, Fishstix said:

Every year I say I want to go after them. Never make it.I caught a little one surf fishing . Fought like hell.Those big ones must be a blast . Thanks for the pictures.  

You and me both!  Its on my bucket list. 

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If it's on your list you gotta do it we did it twice towing the little 14 footer all the way there lots of internet research to find the areas. Used our rigger rods and drifted with blood worms caught a ton of fish and had a ton of fun I will get back there. we fished pougkeepsi area (wife has family nearby) but I wanna try Albany area next we are blessed in NY to have several world class fisheries in such easy reach

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They are a hell of a lot of fun.....kinda like catching a king real close to the boat. I have always been amazed at how they can gobble up a 1 1/2 ft long eel and run with just the tail hanging out of their mouth:lol:

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