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Day/night doubleheader for me and my wife who grew up in Oswego but never fished there!  Her folks still live there so we dropped off the pup at the parents and dropped the Crestliner in at Wrights Landing about 530pm Weds evening July 1st. 


Motored out NW to about 150 feet. Confirmed the down temp break with a Fishhawk TD at 100 feet. Ran all spoons, 100 feet down over 170fow rigger NK28 Hot Frog took the first hit. Nice fish tail walked me to 400 feet out and came undone. Then landed a small Atlantic on a chartreuse cheater on same rod. Had another fish go on rigger 65 down over 180 that also came undone. Was plenty frustrated at that point with only about an hour left to fish. 


Finally had another NK28 Hot Frog hookup at 100 feet down and landed him at 16lbs. Hot Frog took one last hit at the end of night 65 feet down over 120 but never hooked up. Ended 1/3 on kings and 1/1 Atlantic. 


Thursday morning launched 545am at Wrights Landing again. Made our way further west this time with an easterly troll planned in 1 footers coming from the west.  Setup at 150 feet and trolled out towards 180 feet from there. 


Confirmed 48.4F at 95 feet down and set a rigger there with Moonshine/glow combo/MUP rig and then ran the other rigger to 86 down w Carbon 14 orange ladderback. #2 Dipseys at 150/180. 


Washed the spoons for a while til 86 rigger hooked up over 170 and took the wife for a ride 450ft plus! 22 minutes later we put her first 20.5lb king in the net!  


Washed lures to the east side of Oswego for a while longer prior to pondering a trip back upwind which became 1-3’ footers so wasnt trollin upwind. Just about that time I’ve not had a dipsey bite yet but kept trying and ran a Moonshine Green Jeans back 220 on a 2 setting. 


Finally hooked up a nice fish for the wife again, and put a 17lber in the net.  Doubled down on the 220 diver on the other side with a Moonshine Hulk and that put a 15lber in the net for me. At that point the cooler was full and we called it a morning just west of the Niagara Mohawk nuke plant. 


Set a course for the Oswego lighthouse. 6 miles and over 45 mins later in 2-4 foot head seas and we were back on dock at 11am. Man did she get sporty in a hurry! So much for the ‘light winds’ I’d been reading in the forecast all week. 


So. First trip outta Oswego for me and the wife. I’d say it was definitely quality over quantity for us - 4 kings for 67lbs - 17lb average in a few hours- I’ll take it!


Special thanks to Nick Long for posting his great report outta Oswego last Saturday that inspired our trip to my wife’s hometown this week before hosting her family at Seneca Lake this weekend.


Good luck if you go!


PS fleas werent terrible but were  present on the divers. We got away with running braid on our dispeys but only because I’ve not decided out what type of reels I want to get to run wire. Next time out I will be running wire for sure








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4 hours ago, Adk1 said:

Awesome! Did u throw and ff or meat in your setup?

Don’t have any of those rigs yet. FF is on the list. I like to keep my tackle to a minimum since my boat is on the smaller side and, well, I’m kinda cheap. 

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Great job!  I was out there too in a small boat....wind/wave forecast was def a little off.  All our bites were on musselhead meat rigs behind 11” flashers out 175’ on a 2 setting.  Still had 30lb powerpro on my rigger rods and the fleas were on that very bad especially in the top 40’ of water.  Luckily had some 30lb fluoro to quick put a top shot on them.

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8 hours ago, bigwalleye said:

Don’t have any of those rigs yet. FF is on the list. I like to keep my tackle to a minimum since my boat is on the smaller side and, well, I’m kinda cheap. 

If you get serious into the salmon fishing that will change😂

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