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for sale : usa Well Equipped Trolling Boat Gear/Equipment Sale - New Prices

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All top of line gear, many are new unused.  First come first served, no hold overs.


8/31/20: Added items and more pics... If listed below, it is available...if not, its not :)



  Amish Outfitter Clipper Release,IMG_2734.thumb.JPG.1e5243629daee864974b9777d3c1b2b8.JPG 50-pack $45 pack 1
Stick Baits (stock colors), prices include shipping    
  Bandit $115  lot 21
  Bomber $150  lot 31
  Rapala Tail Dancer $275  lot 30
  Storm Deep Thunder Stick $65 lot 11
  Storm Hot 'n Tot $40 lot 8




















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list update, add photos
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At this time i am not shipping anything, cash and local pickup only... i have many more items than listed, including dispies (all top colors)  some i retail packages...leave a PM to setup an appointment to rummage through the gear.


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